Simple User Flow Analytics.

Key insights for business decisions.


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30 second setup to get hooked in.
Copy & paste our embed code into your website. Fero starts tracking automatically.
Simple with optional advanced features.
Track core metrics in one step. Augment data with advanced tagging using javascript events.
User flows for sales funnels.
Monitor your sales funnels by visualizing user flow through the website.
User privacy prioritized.
We carefully anonymize user data to respect your users while providing the insights you need.
Business Decisions. Supercharged.
Make concrete data driven decisions that understand your users behaviour.
Your data. Export any time.
Your data is yours. Export your information with ease any time.
Get started today?
10,000 free events/month!
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The Fero Mission
Part of the reason we created Fero is because we care about the privacy of internet users. This is why we anonymize user data while maintaining its value.
Fero is a self-sustaining product that will always be priced fairly to support the startup ecosystem. If our costs go up we'll increase prices, and if our costs drop so will yours.
We will work on Fero for as long as people use it. If for some reason we need to shutdown we will give you a self-hosted version of the product and show you how to set it up.